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Making Noise Lightly

$6 Root Chips

purple potatoes, lotus, sweet potatoes, gold potatoes

9 Shishito Peppers

charred, citrus lime, smoked sea salt (stuffed chicken add 5)

16 Seasonal Greens

tomatoes, crispy brussel sprouts, carrot ginger dressing

16 Salt ‘n Pepper Squid

spiced Romesco, crispy garlic crumb

17 Miatake Tempura

mushroom salt, truffle aioli

18 Eggplant Gyoza

pan seared, chili ponzu, sesame powder

21 Rock Shrimp Tempura

duo sauce, spicy aioli, honey truffle

21 Salmon Sashimi

torched, sesame chili ponzu, aged soy, garlic chips

22 Yellowtail Sashimi

cherry tomatoes, cilantro, yuzu ponzu, smoked sea salt

20 Braised Brisket Gyoza

onion puree, sweet soy gastric

21 Bacon Steak

house smoked, apple miso glaze, cherry tomatoes, tomato powder

24 Miatake Risotto

grilled miatake, creamy Japanese rice, chives

26 Pork Ribs

sweet soy chili glaze, lotus chips, chives

29 BBQ Tuna

flash grilled, smoked chili puree ,lotus chips

30 Squid Ink Pasta

chanterelle mushrooms, uni butter, nori powder

32 Chilean Sea Bass

butterscotch miso glaze, lime zest

34 Lobster Risotto

lobster miso sauce, Japanese rice, shiso garlic butter


19 Salmon

pickled apple, spicy ginger ponzu, garlic chips

19 Yellow Tail

roasted shishotos, cucumber, jalapeno ponzu

20 Tuna Truffle

cucumber, roaster mistake truffle ponzu

22 Rock 172

rock shrimp tempura, cucumber, soy paper, honey truffle

24 Lobster

soy paper, shiso garlic butter, crispy sweet potato

4 - 28 Specialty Nigiri

uni- 7, tuna – 6, yellowtail – 5, salmon – 5,
scallop – 5, shrimp – 4, chef’s selection – 28


13 Mini Donuts

House made Mini Donuts with Chocolate and Raspberry dipping sauce

14 Miso Crème Brulee

16 Matcha Green Tea Crepes

With Vanilla Cream and Chocolate drizzle

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